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August 2013 - New prices come into force in Spain and Belgium

20th April 2013 - Tobacco prices are up in Belgium. Amber Leaf is now £5.15 and Golden Virginia is now £5.05

March 2013 - Vendors in Adinkerke are urging shoppers to take plenty of British coin currency with them. Shopkeepers are struggling to give small change to British customers.

1st February 2013 - Tobacco, cigarettes and spirit prices have increased in Belgium. This is due to a weak Pound against the Euro

1st January 2013 - Tobacco, cigarettes and spirit prices have risen in Spain

December 2012 - Beware of thieves targeting your car in Adinkerke, don leave your car unattended after putting your bags in!

1st July 2012 - It is now compulsory by law that anyone driving in France , must carry Breathalyzer kits

Welcome to baccy run

An overview on shopping abroad - Tobacco cigarette run booze cruise Day hoppers

Baccy Run offers an overview on shopping outside of the UK. You will find useful information to help plan your booze or baccy run. Protect y our rights as European Citizens to purchase and transport goods back to the UK, from both within the European Union and beyond.

For far too long, shoppers have been labelled as criminals. Its time to set the record straight, CROSS BORDER SHOPPING AND TOBACCO AND CIGARETTE RUNS are LEGAL. Granted there are conditions attached to it and you must observer any official guidelines, restrictions and prohibited goods. Our simple guide can assist you in finding cheaper tobacco, cigarettes, beer, wines, spirits, confectionery, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry and fashion accessories, at bargain prices.

Just follow our simple guide to a plan your baccy tobacco run and shopping experience, all within the law.

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Here at baccy run we rely on our community offering, sharing and exchanging information, knowledge and tips with us and the wider community, to enhance our service and provide our users with accurate, up-to-date and helpful information. Without this support the site would be redundant. So if you have anything you would like to share with us, please feel free to post a bulletin on our forum, or if you prefer contact us direct. Your comments are important to us, thank you

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This site is designed to offer information and give help and advice to people who are planning a trip or holiday abroad and intend to take advantage of their purse friendly product prices. Information can be found on the following

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Here at baccyrun we are not legal professionals, money experts, travel agents, human right activist or tobacco suppliers or importers. We are not in a position to offer you any advice that requires specific qualifications, knowledge, expertise or legal training. We simply offer you our experiences and testimonials.

Any external information we provide on our site comes from official and reputable sources such as the UKBA, HMRC and